Janice Man

NameJanice Man, Man Wing Shan (文詠珊, 文咏珊)
BirthdayDecember 29, 1988
BirthplaceGuangdong, China

     Janice Man is currently a Hong Kong model, singer and actress.  She is one of the more popular models along with with Angelababy.  Janice starred in the Hong Kong movie called Punished, which was recently released in March 2011. Her other notable movies includes Basic Love and La Lingerie.

     Janice is widely known as one of Hong Kong's best models.  She has the charm, a pretty face, and a nice slim figure.  As her popularity grows, she is getting more opportunities as a singer and actress.   Many people thinks that Janice Man will become one of Hong Kong's finest female artist in the near future.